The badge pathways posts are coming!

The badge pathways posts are coming, people! More badge system design posts are on their way! Actually, a series of posts about Web Literacy Badges and badge pathways are coming. Stay tuned. Here’s a preview.


This is going to be fun!

– – –

More soon.

4 thoughts on “The badge pathways posts are coming!

  1. Lyre Calliope (@CaptainCalliope)

    This reminds me of two things: Final Fantasy magic systems, and corporate security policy infrastructure.

    The first makes this feel fun and awesome.

    The second makes me think open badges could be used as infrastructure for managing role-based permissions systems. Open Badges could be a means to map trust within enterprise logic. Following a pathway of learning then directly relates to gaining new responsibilities and/or actions that can be taken in relation to an organization.


      1. carlacasilli Post author

        Hey Lyre,
        Thanks so much for your comments. I’m definitely taking a systems approach to how badges and pathways work. That said, once you see how systems work, it’s almost impossible *not* to see them everywhere. :)

        And yes, badges—well, actually, the content that underpins and defines the badges—could help to define and clarify infrastructure. This is an aspect of badge system design that I’ll be addressing in future posts: the recursive nature of badges, how decisions about them ripple through organizations, from their specific focusing nature to who’s responsible for their implementation, upkeep, feedback.

        All this brings me around to why I’m creating illustrations for these posts. After many discussions, much rumination, and a lot of introspection, I am firmly convinced that the best way to discuss this is through some sort of visualization. Thus, our next series of posts. Stay tuned!

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