Catching up with open badges

Apple Macbook Air on Wood Tabletop with Espresso Cup, Notepad, Pen, and iPhone

Hey all, after a very long interregnum, I’m back. Many thanks to all who’ve read (and reread!) my past posts; I’m grateful to you for your thoughts and encouragement.

I’m going to make this post a quick one to quote Andrew Carnegie who said, “My heart is in the work,” to tell you that my heart continues to be in the open badges work—and has expanded to include the digital credentialing work—and that I have a significant number of backlogged draft posts and new ideas waiting to meet you.

Sometimes I wish I could just give you the keys to my drafts folder one by one and tell you to have at it. Then I could sit back and wait to hear your thoughts, comments, appreciation, criticism, etc. So much of what I write it is intended for open discussion and conversation—as well as edification, both yours and mine, so please feel free to reach out and share your opinion. We’re working together to change the world.

One of my top posts from several years ago was titled, “Mozilla Open Badges: the ecosystem begins to take shape“: the last few days I have been noodling on a blog post idea tentatively titled, “Open Badges: the ecosystem continues to evolve.” That said, there are a number of other ideas that are waiting to be discussed and old post series that need to be completed. Let me know what you think.

And if there’s an area that you have been wishing I would write about, let me know. Many thanks.

Much more soon.
Talk to me at cmcasilli [at] gmail [dot] com

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