About Carla Casilli

Hello there, I’m Carla Casilli, currently co-facilitator for the Connecting Credentials working group focused on the question of a common language for credentialing. Previously I have played the roles of Interim Executive Director of Digital Credentialing at IMS Global, Director of Design + Practice at the Badge Alliance and Director of Badge System Design + Implementation at Mozilla. More about each of these activities below.

Welcome to my blog about Open Badges, digital credentials, education, workforce, community, systems and design thinking, and badge system design. Here is where I try out ideas, find support for others, and work in the open. Please note that in my writing I am considering the entire open badges ecosystem—and that means shepherding and encouraging many different uses and interpretations of open badges—not all of which are in favor at any given time.

I work with the community to build the open badges ecosystem through leading initiatives, speaking, blogging, researching and writing; through consulting on the development of badge systems; through communicating experiences about badges and badge systems; and through exploring where badge systems not only might lead but where they are currently heading. (Badge futurist? Emergence and epiphenomena, anyone?) I’m interested in understanding the potential of open badges, their varied audiences, their areas of influence, and the people and data that they represent.

As the Director of Design + Research at the Badge Alliance, in addition to a variety of other activities, I guided an international group of educators in the rapid, collaborative writing and editing of the Campus Policy Framework for Open Badges. As the Director of Badge System Design + Implementation at Mozilla, I oversaw the Web Literacy Standard work (now new and improved and called the Web Literacy Map), built the conceptual framework for Mozilla badges, and designed the Chicago Summer of Learning badge system, the very first of the Cities of Learning (now being led by LRNG).

My formal education includes an undergrad degree in both Graphic Design and Professional Writing from Carnegie-Mellon University (where I learned to code), a certificate in Media Psychology from UCLA, and a graduate degree in Media Psychology and Social Change from Fielding University. Prior to my badges endeavors, I have worked as a simplified communications designer, an information designer, a Plain English writer, a UX +UI consultant, a project manager, a creative director and a small business owner. I staunchly believe that learning is lifelong and that some of our most influential learning experiences take place in informal ways and in unexpected places.

I look forward to your opinions and welcome your thoughts.

7 thoughts on “About Carla Casilli

  1. Cyril Dworsky

    Hi Carla,

    I kindly invite you to Porto at the end of November 2012 (28th-30th) as a speaker or workshop facilitator at our conference on technology in the context of science outreach activities for children. I am writing on behalf of the European Children’s Universities Network which takes part in the SiS-Catalyst project (Children as Change Agents: http://www.siscatalyst.eu).

    The Porto-Conference will focus on a Discussion of Technology Enhanced Science Outreach towards Children and Young People and I stumbled across the Open Badges project because we are currently working on a tool for empowerment and/or research of Science in Society projects targeted to children. Many of the organizers of Children’s Universities and similar projects are struggling with the need of maintaining contact with the participating children and the possibilities to evaluate their own projects. Therefore we would like to develop an easy tool to support these projects within the SiS-Catalyst project together with other benchmarking tools for the organizing institutions, e.g. universities. I guess this issues and our universities network could be interesting for you as well.

    If the conference topic and our ideas and intentions sound interesting to you I would gladly send you more information about our project, our activities, Children’s Universities and of course the conference.

    We would be delighted to welcome you in November together with our colleagues from the University of Porto but also to learn more from the Open Badges project and share some ideas already previous to the conference.

    With best greetings from Vienna,

    Cyril Dworsky

    1. carlacasilli Post author

      Hi Cyril,

      Thanks so much for contacting me and sharing this opportunity. Your work sounds fascinating and definitely aligns with our Open Badges initiative. I will follow up with an email to you.

      warm regards,

  2. Natalie Parker

    Hi Carla,
    I just read the Open Badges Working Paper (I’m an instructional designer and am learning about badges), and I’m learning as much as I can — so many possibilities. I’m also trying to figure out if I can be involved in the editing of the document — will you let me know?

  3. Kate Radionoff

    Hi Carla:
    I just found your badge blogs. We will be introduced badges this fall to assess student learning in professional development non-credit courses. We have run into a number of challenges but we believe it will provide considerable benefit to our students and their employer.

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